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Feathered Friends Episode

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NEW Tractor Ted 10 minute episode!

Where do eggs come from? Do you know? 


Tractor Ted is off to the farm to see them with his friends Farmer Tom and Midge the dog. Sing along as Farmer Tom fills up the hopper with food for the chickens and watch with Tractor Ted as the farmer checks the engine on the huge tractor with caterpillar tracks. Tractor Ted has fun spinning around in the field with it too!

At the end of the day Tractor Ted and Midge tell the children all about it and see the eggs that they have been busy painting.

This episode is told in Tractor Ted's fun, friendly and informative signature style. Whilst captivating and entertaining young children, parents can be assured of the 'Teducation' factor that they are also learning lots about the workings of a real life farm. 

  • Approximate duration: 10 minutes
  • Available to buy or rent via Vimeo
Feathered Friends Episode
Feathered Friends Episode Sale price£2.12